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Dermaplaning $120.00

Dermaplaning Facial $165.00

Microneedling (Face + Neck) – Hyaluronic Infusion $350.00

Chemical Peels $110.00

Spa Deluxe Facial $150.00

Dermaplaning + Microneedling (Face & Neck) $400.00


Brow Tint  $20.00

Brow Wax $20.00

Brow Wax & Tint $40.00

Extractions $30.00

Eye Treatment $35.00

Firming Facial Massage $20.00

Lash Tint $40.00

Lip Wax $20.00

Mask $25.00

Razorplaning  $35.00

Specialized Mask $45.00


Mary has been practicing as a Medical Aesthetician since 2010, one of Nashville’s top Skin Care Consultants, a trusted Social Media Influencer and a recognized Skin Care Coach known for customizing treatments even through her own skin care line Mary Matts Skin.


She loves traveling to new places, health and fitness, her “tribe” and being mom to her golden canine, Nash. She appreciates good design and good quality… you will usually find her in simple solids with great accessories, crafted or curated in Nashville, TN.


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