The Skincare product Junkie Rabbit hole

What if I told you that the average woman wears approximately $8 worth of skincare and/or cosmetics per day, which adds up to roughly $250 a month, which becomes nearly $200,000 in a lifetime… and that statistic is a year old… and on the conservative side! I don’t know about you, but I could do a lot ¬†with $200,000!! So my question is… is it working for you? Are you achieving the look that was promised to you in the packaging or sales spiel? Do you keep buying more products, thinking that the next one is going to be better than the last, because you saw an infomercial, or a an advertisement, or your favorite celebrity swore it was her only go to, or a blogger, who wears the cutest clothes, said it was gold, or my personal favorite…”a clinical study showed that eight out of ten women saw an eighty percent improvement in their skin!!!” For the love of your wallet, your precious time and energy, and your sanity… stop the madness!! Nothing at all against anyone who is genuinely trying to sell you something that is truly in your best interest, or writing about a product that they personally happen to love… but let’s separate fact from commission and get you out of a downward spiral that I refer to as the “skincare product junkie rabbit hole.”

Fact… the projection for skincare product sales in the U.S. alone in 2018 is over $11 billion. Now… I’m an Aesthetician and I sell skincare products, so I should be jumping for joy! When in reality, I spent nearly twenty years in sales and marketing, so pardon the expression, but “the gig is up!” I get asked ¬†every day if I have heard of this mask or that device… or that serum from a raccoon…. ok, no raccoon serum, but you get my drift… it is over the top, and the reason being is that most of us will fall for anything, if we think it is going to make us look or feel younger or prettier… or if our favorite celebrity swears by it. There is a reason that packaging is so enticing, endorsements are so sincere and we keep seeing the latest and greatest in our social media feed… sales and marketing… and clearly, it’s working! So, what is my point? As an Aesthetician and a skincare coach, who has also been on the other side… in the world of sales and marketing, driven by sales goals, commission, spiffs and promotions… I want to simplify this whole process for you, help you become a little more savvy, the next time you are about to cave, and most of all, help you save your money for the products that are tried and true and dermatologically proven efficacious and safe.

Ok, if I were to ask you how many skincare products are in your bathroom, what would you say? My guess would be more than you actually need. My guess would also be, probably some that you rarely use, and plenty that aren’t doing a darn thing for your skin. So let’s talk about the products that are the foundation of good skincare and then a few that are also great to have on board. Let’s get your skincare routine down to as few as three to five products, aside from the two that go without mentioning, cleanser and sunscreen, because of course you are going to cleanse every morning and every night… and the importance of daily sunscreen makes it a must every single day, regardless!

The foundation of good skincare can be remembered in the acronym ACE. That is:

  • A, for a vitamin A product, be it Reitin A, or a derivative of it, a retinol, for exfoliation and cell turn over. If you are too sensitive for Retin A, some type of light exfoliating product on a regular basis is needed in order to keep dead skin from accumulating on your face.
  • C, for vitamin C products, typically in a serum form. Vitamin C is the number one antioxidant for your skin that helps to protect your skin from the effects of aging, not only for its role in collagen synthesis, but also as it helps to neutralize free radicals in the skin that cause aging… and let’s not forget the glow that it gives the skin over time. I also like to include, in this antioxidant category, healthy peptides which are usually found in many Vitamin C serums. They go hand in hand with Vitamin C, as they are the the building blocks for healthy youthful skin.
  • Then, E, which is for vitamin E, which is the moisture that is required to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. There are numerous moisturizers on the market, which we will detail in another post… but try to choose one that allows for good hydration without being comedogenic (pore clogging).

In my opinion ACE is the healthy skin foundation triad. Two other products that I highly recommend, would be a good eye cream, as the eye area is the most delicate skin on the face and shows aging first, then also some type of skin lightener, to even the skin tone… because as diligent as we may be over time, hyperpigmentation is just a fact of life for most of us. There are different types of skin lighteners, such as hydroquinone or kojic acid, both of which are commonly found in combination with a vitamin C product. (Please note that all of this information is based on your individual skin type and possible skin allergies.)

So, there you have it! You don’t need a multitude of serums and toners and potions and creams. You actually need very few things, when you really dissect the needs of the skin. The skin needs cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and protection from the sun. That’s it!! As a matter of fact, throwing too many products and ingredients on your skin can easily lead to skin sensitivities over time. Keep it simple… give your skin only what it needs to be healthy and save yourself a lot of time and money. Also, try to separate skincare products from makeup. Look to your dermatologist or aesthetician for your skincare products. Save that trip to the makeup counter for just that… makeup. It will actually feel good to walk past the skincare aisle and know that you are not going to fall into that dreaded “skincare product junkie rabbit hole”… and that, my friends, is a victory! Your wallet will thank you!




  • Kelley
    Posted at 19:14h, 17 October Reply

    Great post! Can you recommend a good cleanser, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer with vitamin E?

    • marymatts
      Posted at 21:21h, 21 October Reply

      Hi there,
      Great questions! Stay tunes to the blog… I am going to go over some of these things soon. Thanks for reading!


  • Heather
    Posted at 07:56h, 19 October Reply

    I can hear your voice in this post! Always great advice!!

    • marymatts
      Posted at 21:19h, 21 October Reply

      Thanks Heather! You know me too well :))

      Xx, Mary

  • Aubrey
    Posted at 14:31h, 19 October Reply

    Hi Mary! Is there a Retinol product you like best? I’m almost out of mine and I might want to try something new. Thanks!

  • Aubrey
    Posted at 23:04h, 20 October Reply

    Hi Mary! Do you have a favorite retinol you use or recommend? Love your blog!

    • marymatts
      Posted at 21:18h, 21 October Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I really like Refissa. It is .05 Retin A in an emollient delivery. Be sure if you start any retinol product that you start at a low dose and use it very sparingly. You don’t want to get to dry. Thanks for reading the blog!
      Xx, Mary

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