Thank God… I’m aging!

Some of you may read the title to this blog post and think I’ve gone nuts! What? I’m excited about aging? What about all of this anti- aging stuff… and what about the fact that I am an Aesthetician… doesn’t that mean that I am helping people turn back the hands of time? Aren’t we trying to look younger? And, isn’t it cool to think that 50 is the new 30?… because we are better, stronger, faster, hipper?  Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Who in the world decided that we were supposed to be the Bionic Woman!? Society has given the word “aging” a bad connotation… as if, because we are aging… we are old, not looking so spry, we are washed up or tired or not “with it” anymore. Here’s the fact, Jack… every minute that the clock turns, you are aging… whether you want to or not… and you can either use time as a means to gain wisdom and grow… or you can stress yourself to death about it!

I remember when I turned 40, thinking that this was “the biggie”… and I was in dread. It could have been where I was emotionally, or what was happening in my career life… but nothing could have been further from the truth! Then… I remember the year that I turned 50… I was really excited about it! I wanted to party down and celebrate it… and I did… in a large way… my friends pulled out the stops and I danced all night… then two weeks later, I headed straight to Turks and Caicos to continue my 50th celebration. I set out to make it a great year… and it was! My point… it’s a mindset. I don’t mean that you have to party like it’s 1999… I just think that you should celebrate the ability to be blessed with another year. In contrast… this week I turned 52 and I chose to keep it low key and just relax… and I was absolutely thrilled with that.

The chronological clock is going to assign to you a new number every year, but that does not define you. How you think, what you believe, how you live, how you choose to face each day… and what you want out of life are the things that define you. If 52 is the new 32, then I’ll take a pass on that, because I am a different person than I was when I was at 32, in so many ways. Now… would I like to have my 32 year old energy and collagen supply? Probably so, but I have traded that for 20 years of trial and error… heartache that brought strength, tenacity, and a kind of wisdom that only comes from age and time. Yep, maybe my body aches a little more, I can’t do late nights anymore, it takes me a little longer to get rolling in the morning… and I don’t look like I did when I was 32, and that’s ok. What I would tell my 32 year old self at 52, is to count every blessing, don’t take anything for granted and know that there are changes ahead… so build a strong base and a solid core, so that rolling with the punches is not a hard thing… it is just a means to a new phase of life.

So… then there is the quandary of trying to look younger… those moments when you look in the mirror and see wrinkles… or you realize that your body is changing with an aging metabolism. I think, in a way, that it is yours to control. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look as young as you feel… to do things that allow you to feel better about yourself. Hey, I am an Aesthetician… I get it! I believe in keeping myself healthy and strong to elongate well being. I also think that it is fine to take care of your exterior, in moderation, to match your personality or your state of mind. We all want to feel refreshed and feel good when we pass a mirror… let’s be honest. However, if you are chasing the fountain of youth, like a 100 yard dash, by every means possible, because you think that it is going to make you happy or help you fix a problem, or you are trying to look like someone that you are not… you can count on turning that sprint into a marathon, and “run Forrest run!!” That glorious fountain of youth is never going to fix what is going on within. A strong inner core, a sense of well being and inner peace comes first every time.

I honestly believe that you are as old as you decide to be. If you think that you are “old”, than that is what you will portray. I have learned over time that age IS truly just a number… and from day to day that chronological number is going to change… but for me, what is not going to change is my ability to decide how I want to be authentically portrayed. I hope to be portrayed as more wise and steadfast in who I am. I am grateful for every day, for my health, for my people and my ability to just be. I have realized that I have earned some extra smile lines… I’m just glad I am smiling. I have learned that being solid from the inside out has taken some practice, and I will always be a work in progress. I’m not counting the numbers anymore… I am counting the blessings. I am grateful for the little things, the laughter and the lessons. I honestly think that those are the things that are keeping me young at heart. So, no matter what your age, stand up tall, put on some lipstick and a fabulous outfit… and decide that you are as young as you want to be… oh, and don’t forget your accessories! Cheers to the years… and that chronological clock… it’s a good thing!






  • Cassandra
    Posted at 19:29h, 07 November Reply

    52 and fabulous! 💛

    • marymatts
      Posted at 11:33h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you so much!

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