15-minute phone consultation. Price $45.

Mary Matts offers phone consultations for long-distance clients about their skin concerns including:

  • Dull/Dry, Aging Skin

  • Hyperpigmentation/Sun Damage/Melasma

  • Premature Aging/Fine Line & Wrinkles

  • Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

  • Acne/Acne Scars

  • Facial Hair

You will receive professional advice on how to take the best possible care of your skin.

Your phone consultation will be based on Mary’s years of expertise and core values addressing your unique skin concerns and empowering you with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for your skin care.

What to expect:

1. A thorough and comprehensive consultation over the phone. We will discuss your skin concerns and goals.

2. I will request that you take close up pictures of your skin so that I can see and determine what the best course of action will be to help achieve your skin goals.

3. You will receive my best tips and tricks for your specific skin type.

4. An unbiased assessment of your current skin care products to ensure they are correct for your skin/skin type and that you are using them correctly.

5. Suggestions for a customized skin-care regimen and recommended procedures using professional skincare products to address your skin concerns and reveal your healthiest, glowing skin.

6. Opportunity to book an appointment with Mary directly and/or book your next virtual appointment.

Inquiry for Personalized Skin Coaching Services.


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NOTE: All payments must be completed in full 24 hours prior to your consultation.  Someone will contact you for payment the day before your appointment.

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