Perspective and Reality

So, its Sunday… the day that I usually write… and, to be honest, all weekend I had planned to pass on writing a post. (I am actually supposed to be writing Part 2 of the post about collagen… stay tuned on that one.)  The last couple of weeks I have felt swamped, among other things, and have not managed to sit down long enough to focus on writing. I woke up this morning and went about my usual Sunday morning routine… I prayed before my feet hit the floor, made my coffee (and matcha), fed Nash, perused Instagram, email and my work schedule for the week… and headed to Orange Theory. All morning my plan was to workout, come home and shower, then just chill with Nash. I just didn’t feel like coughing up a blog. I could blame it on being exhausted, the time change, insomnia, my never-ending battle with anxiety, the roller coaster of menopause…(Lord, that’s another post)… or just assume that nobody gave a damn whether I wrote one or not, and just continue with my plans to be a lounge lizard for the rest of my Sunday.

I went on to Orange Theory and had a fantastic workout and a lot of fun. Some of the usual suspects were there, which always cranks it up a bit… and then…my day changed while stretching. After having my rear kicked, I started having a conversation with one of my workout buddies, Matt, as people were clearing out… and as many times as we had bantered in class, I never knew what he did for a living… come to find out he is a financial planner. So, I thought I would pick his brain for a second, while we were cooling down. I asked him… “what is the one thing that you tell your clients, no matter the age or financial status?” I was expecting some complex equation about the amount of money that needs to be saved, invested or God knows what, by this or that age… His answer was very simple. He told me…”I tell everyone three things:

1) make a plan and stick to it,

2) live below your means, and

3) Be content with what you have, no matter what it is.”

…and he continued… “and, I tell people to turn OFF the TV! Everything you hear in the news will make you think that the world is horrible and coming to an end at any moment, which leads you to make rash decisions.” WOW! (my dad would have agreed with everything he said!)

I got in the car and immediately did some Insta stories about Matt’s advice… it really resonated with me. I got in the shower and couldn’t get our conversation out of my head… for the financial aspects, but most importantly, the part about being content with what you have. I got out of the shower and my direct messages were blowing up with kudos for Matt’s advice… my mind kept churning… it made me think of Instagram and Social Media, in general. I have talked to so many people lately who are frustrated with Social media… and taking breaks from it… or unfollowing certain people… for one reason…for the most part, it is NOT reality. Sometimes seeing the “glamorous or perfect” world that people reveal can make you feel like you have missed something along the way… the whole, “keeping up with the Jones’ mentality” can kick in pretty easily if you let it. Now, I am in no way slamming anyone who lives a very lucrative lifestyle! I admire anyone who works hard and does well… I was raised by a father who exemplified hard work turned to success, parlaying into a nice life for his family… but with that said… Instagram/ Social Media and reality, are two different worlds!


The problem is that it becomes too easy to play the game of comparisons… thinking… wow, look at her house, straight out of Architectural Digest, or… her closet is bigger than my house, or… she looks that good that early in the morning?… or, look at their perfectly flawless family. You get my drift. Here’s what I know for sure… everyone… no matter how perfect they appear… has something. Let me say that again… everyone has something. Nobody sails through life looking like a continuous magazine spread 24/7, 365… and never has some type of trial or rough time in life. Hell, I wake up in the morning and look to see how flared up my rosacea is, but, oh wait… I cant see, so let me get my glasses first. I live in the same townehome that I bought 15 years ago after my “perfect marriage” hit the skids. I go to work every day… and come home pretty wiped out…and I’m easily content to make a salad, do a few chores, watch some aimless TV, snuggle with my dog and go to bed… to turn around and do it all again tomorrow… not in any way to say, “oh, poor me”… quite the contrary… I live a very full and happy life…


So, why am I rambling about this? Because it brings me back to Matt’s words… be content with what you have. If you get too ingrained in Social Media… it can lead you to feel like you need to have what someone else has… be it looks, possessions or family.( bigger, better, stronger, faster…) We are all dealt a different deck of cards… and we all play them differently. We all have a different path and we are all here for a certain purpose. Life is tricky. It is way too easy to lose sight of what is important, and get swept away with what someone else may be doing or what they may have, or, quite frankly, what they may have been blessed with. That is their path… not yours. If you are working hard and keeping your intentions in line… focus on you and what you are here for. We don’t always need to have more and more and more. I am not in anyway saying to settle for mediocrity. When hard work, success and all of the planets align, there is nothing wrong with providing the best possible life for you and/or your family. However, if you are striving for a life that is someone else’s, you will never realize the value of your own life path, the blessings that you have been bestowed and the ability to find true contentment and happiness with what is meant to be for you.

I am glad my day took this shift. It gave my perspective a boost.. and some affirmation that was necessary. There is a reason that my over- caffeinated butt went to OTF this morning. There is a reason that I had that discussion with a workout buddy. And on a much larger scale… there is a reason that my life has turned out the way it has… and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I see myself as a survivor. I am blessed beyond measure. I am able to go to work every day. I can do whatever I want, within reason… and I am rich… rich in fulfilling my life’s purpose. I am not this person or that person… I am Mary… the flawed girl with nine lives… who manages to laugh her way through this sometimes ridiculously, crazily, confusing thing called life… and I may not be completely content at times ,yet… but I am a work in progress.

Now, I still have some Sunday left, so, I better show that little golden retriever some love… and who knows… I just may squeeze in a nap. Here’s to YOU… and YOUR life journey… making the very most of it and being content with it… no matter what it may look like to someone else. Oh, and thanks, Matt… I bet you would never have guessed that you changed my day… and gave me a great reason to get back on the blog…see ya at the gym!





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