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In a blog post a few months ago, I mentioned how a few things changed… literally the day after I turned 51. I remember turning 50, thinking…”what’s the big deal!?… all this moaning about everything falling apart once you hit the big 50!” I sailed through 50 feeling like I was 35, most of the time, without anything earth shattering to report, other than the usual… then 51. Oh… hello physiological joy! In a snap, I woke up, day one of my 51st year, with a pain shooting straight up my left foot… and once I got to the bathroom, I noticed peculiar red splotchiness on my face… that was hot, I might add. I kid you not… planter fasciitis, and rosacea! What a great way to start a new year! The foot… years of running… and age… and the face… years of over exfoliation… and, oh yeah… age.

Now, a year later, I have both under control, but not without a lot of research, doctors appointments, trial and error, and patience… which is not my forte! The foot is for another post, so let’s just focus on the sudden skin change. I had never had redness of the face in my lifetime. I could scrub and exfoliate… use glycolics, Retin A, salicylic toners and a Clarisonic and go on about my business. As an Aesthetician, I had worked with many clients who dealt with rosacea, to varying degrees, but could never fully sympathize, until mine made its appearance.

Rosacea can come in all shapes and sizes… from just a little redness on the cheeks, nose and/or chin… to broken capillaries that only get larger with time. It is exacerbated by heat, cold, dryness, over exfoliation, alcohol or spicy foods. For many it is inherited. For some, it is encouraged by excess of any of those things. Mine, I truly believe, was slowly emerging due to over exfoliating… combined with the long dry fall that we had, that left my skin feeling like the Sahara. My cheeks and nose were hot and red. I knew all the tricks… and nothing was working. My skin regimen, that I was so used to, and that had worked for so many years, was causing my skin to become more angry. Uuuugh!! Let this be the little voice in your head that reminds you… yes, your skin is going to change over the years… so be prepared to have to make changes in your “tried and true” skincare routine. I went to 3 different dermatologists, all who said the same thing… “welcome to rosacea”. Nice. I was given different prescriptions to try, most of which only made it worse. However, I will say that dermatologist number 3 did introduce me to a cleanser that has been helpful… and I still use it today.

I was realizing that I was needing something that would calm and hydrate, that didn’t have irritating ingredients. So, I decided to try a face oil made by Beauty Counter. I figured… why not… nothing else is doing the job. So I ordered the Balancing Face Oil, Number 3. After cleansing, I put a couple of drops in my moisturizer, (Avene Skin Recovery Cream) and instantly, I felt a cool, calming effect to my skin. I used this same simple step A.M. and P.M… and within a few weeks, I noticed my skin becoming less angry, less red and hot… and more balanced overall. I had been afraid of facial oils, for the fear of breaking out, but the opposite happened… no breakouts and no clogged pores… just happier skin. Part of the issue for me was that the dryness was not helping me… and throwing too many ingredients at my face was doing me no favors. Weeks of keeping it simple and calm proved to be the secret for me. In full disclosure, I do believe the cleanser has been a big help… and one of the prescriptions may have been a good choice, once my skin wasn’t so irritated… however, in my opinion, the facial oil, as simple as it is, has been the key for me.

I now use the oil every day, mixed with my moisturizer. A year later, I am back to being able to use my Retin A, sparingly… and Vitamin C… as long as I am balancing my skin with the Beauty Counter Facial oil. I hesitate to stand behind products, until I have tried them myself, and over a period of time, I have seen a change. Because this product has been such a life saver for me, I am glad that I am able to use my platform to hopefully guide someone else, who needs a calming and hydrating product. Even if rosacea is not your issue, and you are looking for an added boost of hydration, I would recommend any of the 3 oils. They are just that good and easy to fit into any skin regimen. I am also glad to be able to sell the products to you via this link ¬†or on “My Faves” page on my website. At this time, I am only endorsing the facial oils, because of my personal experience with them.

So, moral of the story… your skin IS going to change. I have stressed this before. What you are using on your face in your 30s will be different from what you will use in your 40s and will continue to change. Also, be careful with over exfoliating. Your skin has a moisture barrier that it needs to keep your skin balanced… it can only take so much friction. Lastly, don’t throw too many products into the mix… especially when your skin is in reaction mode. Pull back on as much as you can, and go for the products with the safest and simplist ingredients… and patience, patience, patience. It will work itself out, like everything else does… it just takes time. Rosacea is a lifestyle. It is never going to fully go away… and yep, I still get little flair ups at times, but at least I know what works for me to keep it under control. I hope this post helps a few dry and irritated faces out there… facial oils are your friend… at least for me, No. 3 from Beauty Counter is now a “tried and true”.




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