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As a Medical Aesthetician, my goal has been to help women look and feel better about themselves. From helping someone develop a skincare routine, to treating difficult skin conditions, I have found a true passion for treating the individual and customizing skincare, based on one’s own needs and lifestyle. Every person that comes through the door of my treatment room is there for a reason, so it is my philosophy that every face needs its own prescription, from the treatment schedule, to the home care regimen… no two faces are the same, thus the treatment style should mirror that. From the “instant gratification” of the dermaplaning facial, to the “step by step” skin changes of using laser…. the reward is seeing a person gain self confidence, as they notice real changes in their skin. Watching someone go from being embarrassed, or feeling the need to be burdened with a heavy makeup routine, to feeling good about no makeup at all… is a victory. And the biggest win is the way the person leaves after each visit… with a smile and standing a little taller. That is the reward…making someone feel better and more confident, beyond the beautiful skin that they are walking away with.

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