Hair is a lot like skin… usually, less is more and it is all about balance. So, what hair products do I use..,and what are my styling tips?

You may be underwhelmed because the truth is that I do very little in the way of “fixing” my hair. I hate the process! That is probably why my hair is usually thrown up on top of my head! But, the one thing I do, is keep my hair very healthy.  Quite simply, when my hair feels dry, I use more hydrating products and visa versa. My hair is thick, but fine and has color in it… shocker! Here are some of my favorites:

I use very little heat on my hair and I use sunscreen on it @renefurtererusa Solaire Protective Summer Fluid, to keep the sun from killing my blonde. My “go to” shampoos are @renefurtererusa Light Activating, for blondes, and for a little more volume, Volumizing Shampoo. I like their Okara conditioner, just mid to ends. When I feel like my hair needs more hydration I use @pureologyus Hydrate Sheer Shampoo and Condtioner… and on a day when my hair feels really flat or limp, I use @bumbleandbumble Thickening Shampoo. I think switching shampoos is important. For styling … a lot of product tends to weigh my hair down. Sometimes I will use @kerastase_official Mousse Bouffante, but for the most part, I let my hair air dry and get a little grit with my all time fave @bumbleandbumble Pret-a-Powder. (just a smidge, only at the roots).

I have recently gotten into the dry shampoo craze as well. I used to wash my hair every day, mainly because of sweaty workouts… but, I try to go every other day now, and have found @livingproofinc Dry Shampoo to work quite well. If my ends feel dry, before bed I use a small amount of @kerastase_official Elixer Ultime Oil, really working it through the ends. Dry hair soaks it up!

I also love my @thewetbrush to get through wet hair tangles… otherwise, I tend to use my fingers more than a brush. And, the only hairspray that I use is @oribe Superfine Hair Spray. It has a very light hold and allows movement.

That’s it…no blow dry tricks and just a touch of curling iron… you can ask @oxana_meade I’m “out” on extra styling… only for the prom!



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