Getting Uncomfortable

A shameless selfie, videoing myself talking about random things for Insta Stories, doing tutorials about the way I fix my hair… and then posting it all for everyone to critique! A couple of years ago, I would have said, “Are you kidding? You couldn’t pay me…” Instagramming, blogging, photo shoots… using filters, not using a filter, sweaty pics, perfectly posed pics… some of it comes naturally, but a big part of it is a new world for me. I am “old school”… I didn’t grow up in this “digital” age. I didn’t use a computer until I was an adult, and that was only because I had to, in order to navigate the corporate world. I didn’t grow up in the digital era… we had a phone on the wall in the kitchen, and I had ten minutes to wrap that cord as far away from the kitchen as I could get it, until my “talk time” was up… because I was “tying up the line”… because… that’s right… voicemail was something that only the Jetsons would have had!  So, the fact that I am using a smartphone, to take a selfie, to filter, to post to Instagram… or talk to myself into my phone screen, while tagging someone, using emojis and captions … in order to make my Insta Story more meaningful… or finding the right light for a photo, for a blog, where I am really going to open myself up to criticism… I think you know where I am going with this… I have had to learn to get uncomfortable!! If someone had told me at 42 that I would be doing this at 52… well… hilarious!!

So, why am I blogging about this topic of “getting uncomfortable”? Because it is so important for growth in your life. It is the difference between staying in the safe lane… the comfort zone… or taking a risk that just might open a whole lot of new doors, or that might allow you a new hobby and an avenue of happiness or even a source of income, that you never even knew was possible! The comfort zone is just that… comfortable. It is easy and you know how to make it work… and it doesn’t rock any boats. However, the longer you stay there, the more comfortable it gets… and making any changes can become downright scary! Before you know it, time has passed… and did you ever go out on that limb and challenge yourself, or offer yourself the opportunity to find a whole new happy place? Well, my hope for you, is that you will… or you are… or you have, and as you are reading this, you are saying,”Amen sista!”

For some people, this may mean realizing that it is time to make a career change, for any myriad of reasons… I did that… it was a huge leap of faith, but it changed my life and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get crazy uncomfortable! For some, it may mean a relationship change… well… I did that too… it can be the most painful, scary, anxiety-ridden time of life, but in some cases it is necessary… and with a lot of faith and a little help from your friends… it too, can change your life… and yes, you grow, you learn, you become stronger, smarter and more able to tackle any challenge that may come your way… or better yet, you learn what to avoid. All of the above require a whole lot of getting uncomfortable… but in my case, I just think… what if I had stayed in the safe lane? WOW… And for some, it may mean just taking on a new hobby, that is going to pull you in a few new directions that may feel a little awkward at first. I get it! That’s where I am with this whole, blogging, Insta-stuff!

For a girl who grew up with a phone on the wall… this endeavor means trying a lot of new things to see what unknown adventure may happen. I look at it this way. I have a great job as an Aesthetician, that I love…but I have been blessed with a “Heinz 57” background and head full of ideas… and I have never been afraid of a challenge! I may not be loaded with a lot of “techy” skills, but an old dog CAN learn new tricks! I have a love for so many things. I was singing coming out of the womb, putting on lipstick when I was 3… and competing in several different sports by the time I was 6. I learned a sense of style from my parents at a very young age… and have fallen in love with a timeless look, both for fashion and home. I have had a mix of careers over the decades, that have taught me tenacity… so, now in my 50s, why in the world wouldn’t I share some of that love and learning with other people?! Why not get uncomfortable and put it out there on a platform? Well, like many people who are trying something new… it means more work, sacrifice, learning new skills, failing and recovering… and yes… the inevitable criticism from others. Lord, that’s a biggy! Here’s what I know, for sure… if you don’t try, you will never know… and people are going to “criticize” whether you stay in the safe lane or put yourself out there. It’s sad but true. Maybe it’s because they wish they had the chutzpah or moxie to do it, or they are jealous… or WHO CARES WHAT!! Girl, you do what you want to do! If it makes you happy and opens doors for you… or just gives you a feeling of excitement, or a newfound sense of self-esteem… go for it. Like they say… haters are gonna hate. Just kick a little dirt on that, and move on with the business of doing something new for you. YOU DO YOU!

I love to see women get creative and try new things. I enjoy watching what some of my other blogger friends and Insta girls are doing. I think it’s great to see busy moms take on a hobby that allows them a new alley, or corporate women finding ways to creatively shake it up just a bit. I love to watch chances become growth… and potentially, become success. We should all cheer each other on when we see someone trying something new and different. It feels good to be a positive force. It only helps us learn and grow in return. And what may come out of it, is the possibility that someone may be inspired to hop out of that obligatory “safe lane” or “comfort zone” and get a little uncomfortable. I would love to see this idea become contagious! I say… play on your strengths and the opportunities and ideas that you have. Don’t worry what others think… take a chance, possibly fail, recover, learn and most likely find some new joy… and quite probably… SUCCEED… no matter what your idea is… from the simplest to the wildest possible dream. Arrange those tools in your kit, and go get ’em!! And when you get scared or feel awkward or start to worry about being judged, just remember… that means that you are getting uncomfortable… and that, my friends… is the very first step! Here’s to changing lanes and getting uncomfortable! It’s a good thing… I’m cheering for you!



  • Dilman yasin
    Posted at 08:10h, 12 December Reply

    Loved this post! Thanks for keeping it real. I’ve followed your IG for a while and am obsessed with your dermaplanning techniques. I’m just not brace enough to get it done. But once I put my big girl pants on, I wouldn’t trust anyone else but you!
    Keep up the awesome work!

    • marymatts
      Posted at 12:49h, 19 December Reply

      Thank you so much for the encouragement Dilman! Once I see you skin I would be able to decide if you are a candidate for it… and if you are, you would absolutely love it! Xx

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