The fact that I could post a picture of myself in a bathing suit is proof that I have made strides! The truth is, that at 52, I am still a type A, perfectionist, OCD, overachieving, self-critical girl, who finds personal flaws before anything else, and is rarely satisfied with my own hard work, and that isn’t so cool.

My friend, Sara had a little chat with me one day about letting my guard down, loosening up a bit and not giving a damn about what people say. I thought I had come a long way in that category until she challenged me to post a picture that was an “out of my comfort zone” kind of thing. My initial response was, “Oh H*LL NO… my 52-year-old body ain’t my 42-year-old body anymore!!” I continued with things like… the mid-life metabolism crash, menopause, 5 abdominal surgeries that will never allow me a six pack, let alone “any pack” and blah blah blah… But clearly, I was missing the point. Of course, our bodies change over time, and nobody should expect to appear the way they did 10 or 15 years ago, but my “inner nice girl” understands that hard work pays off regardless of the exterior outcome.

I make choices every day to keep myself as healthy and strong as I possibly can. I would be lying if I said there was no vanity involved, but most importantly I want to feel good and keep myself as far away from the myriad of chronic health conditions that are a direct correlation to an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s not always fun to workout hard before a long day of work…or stay on track with a healthy eating regimen, but for me, that is just a lifestyle, and maybe being a young athlete was a good kick start. Regardless, I am blessed to be “able”.

The good news is that it is NEVER too late for anyone to turn the ship around and make steps towards doing something for themselves, including getting healthy. It is also never too late to change the overly self-critical mindset that hinders you from stepping outside the box. It took a lot for me to post this… but, I did.



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