A Tribute to an Icon and dear friend, Margaret Ellis

I have always said, and truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason. And, with that said, I think our paths cross at just the right time. We don’t meet people by chance. Yesterday, a dear friend of mine…and of many… passed away. I met this incredibly unique woman fifteen years ago, and from the very first time that I met her, I felt that I had known her all of my life. She is a Nashville Icon, jewelry designer, Margaret Ellis… pictured here with the two loves of her life, her husband Fred and their beloved dog Pinky… in their happy place, San Miguel, Mexico.

To say that Margaret was unique, is totally missing the mark. She was full of life, imagination, passion for so many causes, that were near and dear to her… and, well… she was just downright cool. She was a no BS kind of woman and she made a statement, whether she was trying to or not. She was welcoming and warm… and at the time in my life when I met her, that was exactly what I needed. I was in the Corporate world and newly divorced, and I remember as my weekly travels would bring me back into town, I would stop by the studio, (Margaret Ellis Jewelry, Nashville) and just hang out with her and Fred. Pinky was always there… and that made it all the more welcoming. I loved being in her creative world, surrounded by the jewelry that she had designed… Over the years our friendship grew… and so did my collection of her jewelry. She welcomed my ideas for new jewelry, and commissioned many pieces for me. To say that I have a drawer of Margaret Ellis Jewelry is no fabrication. From the very first bracelet and ring that I purchased from her, to the most elaborate commissioned items, that came to life from a drawing on a piece of paper … every one of them has a story. Over the coming weeks, I will be posting, on Instagram, some of my favorite items and the stories attached to them.

I will remember so many precious times at the studio, and in Margaret and Fred’s home. I remember one evening after a couple glasses of wine, she started taking pictures of me draped in Margaret Ellis jewelry… and I ended up as her “February girl” for a promotion. I remember so many “girl twirls”, as she coined them, after work at local eateries, close to their home in the Belmont area, at that time. I remember after a break up, calling her… in tears, and she said, “My dear, I think you just dodged a bullet! Now, come on over here, and let’s have a drink”. When I decided to make the big leap from Corporate America to Aesthetics… she was so happy for me… she knew I needed a change in my career and was sure that I was doing the right thing… she was one of my first clients. I specifically remember the night that I had dinner with her and Fred at their home in Nashville, just before they moved to San Miguel, and she gave me two gorgeous winter coats that she had purchased in New York, during freezing trips to market. She wanted me to have them, as she would no longer need them in her new life in Mexico.

Margaret was a gem… and how ironic is that… considering all of the gems that she handled in her life. She was a strong woman and a mentor to me in so many ways. She created jewelry and memories for so many people. She was a truly talented and creative soul… but most importantly she was my friend. Every time I would leave her, she would give me a huge hug and she would say, “love you”… Tonight, I have tears… I have lost a dear friend. But, I will always have the laughter and the love… and I will wear my Margaret Ellis jewelry with a new sense of pride.

My dear friend, may you Rest In Peace… “love you”




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